“Caymus is an amazing partner when looking to build a home. I am so pleased I went with them being a design & build firm, as they ensured that I got everything I wanted in my design while staying within budget, something you do not find from most in this industry. If I would have gone with an architect and builder from different firms I would have for sure designed an over budget home. They were also very patient and thorough all while taking the time to teach my wife and I during the process. They were very thorough in the sales process and then delivered on what they said. It is so rare to find a contracting and design company that is excellent at both and delivers on exactly what they told you when selling you. On top of all the above they are fast, cost effective and high quality so whoever said you cannot have all 3 in this industry has not met Caymus.” Gabe Perez, Orange Ave. Sonoma

“I absolutely LOVE working with this team! We interviewed a lot of people from all over the Bay Area and we know Caymus is the best choice out there!! They are always making sure we design within our budget without cutting corners (which takes a lot of skill). They take your dream and make it a (even better) reality!” Danielle Palmini, Orange Ave. Sonoma

“During the time that I’ve worked with Caymus Builders, I’ve been impressed by their business-minded approach, which permeates every aspect of what they do. They are cost-conscious, meet deadlines, and invested in making sure they exceed their client’s expectations. Caymus Builder’s ability to provide expert-driven guidance on what is possible, and how to have it realistically meet my time and budget requirements, has proven invaluable and I get the clear sense they are invested in my long-term success as a developer. It’s rare to find a construction company with this level of professionalism and, based on what I’ve experienced, I would not hesitate to recommend them for their design-build services.” Bay Area Development

“What sets Caymus Builders apart is the fully integrated way they manage the development, design and construction process. From the entitlement process to sub-contractor coordination, Caymus Builders were responsible for ALL design and construction. We had numerous “red tape” challenges with the city during our construction build and we were absolutely amazed at how Caymus supported us, none of the past contractors we have worked with on our 20+ other development projects managed things for us the way Caymus did. They went to the city multiple times, and in the end saved us over $30,000 in developer fees. They didn’t have to do this, they were just THAT committed to our success. If you’re looking for a contractor vendor, look elsewhere. If you’re looking for a true partner, then go with Caymus. They are great when things are going well, but when there are challenges they are with you every step of the way. In addition to delivering our project on time and under budget, Caymus continually demonstrated a level of professionalism, knowledge and experience that is unmatched. They took what normally can be a painful process and made it enjoyable. We hopefully will get another opportunity to work with them again!” Audra Baker, California Ave. Carmichael

“We began working with Caymus Builders prior to closing on the property and they helped to guide every key decision from start to finish. From early collaboration with the architect and civil engineers, through the permitting process, and once the construction phase began, the Caymus team took the lead to shepherd our project through all the key milestones. Their communication throughout improved transparency and allowed us to deal proactively with the invariable bumps along the road. I highly recommend Caymus Builders for any design/build project.” JJ Abodeely, Sonoma CA Homeowner

“What sets Caymus Builders apart from other construction companies is their professional approach in the management of the entire design-build process. They get involved at the beginning, bringing the architect, structural engineer, designers and construction teams together to align priorities, and then closely manage the building process to effectively meet the homeowners’ objectives. They manage costs while crafting an elegant home, on schedule. Another benefit of working with Caymus Builders is their exceptional communication. I have received a weekly update from the construction manager throughout the project. I have been kept informed about upcoming requirements as well as any challenges or changes to the schedule or budget. I know where the project stands so there have been no major surprises along the way. Most importantly, they have remained on schedule and on budget.” Matt Ockner, Martis Camp Homeowner

“There are a number of factors that gave us tremendous confidence in Caymus. Their team is a fantastic group of professionals, who exemplify a company culture that is committed to their clients’ vision for their home, as well as, their complete satisfaction throughout the building process.

We were very fortunate to work with Matt Anderson, as the project manager, for our home. He consistently provided timely and clear communication and he always made himself available to us, to ensure our satisfaction from the largest segments of construction, to the smallest details of finishing work. Matt’s efforts were reinforced by a number of visits from Caymus Builder’s senior managers. They checked in to ensure the process was moving along to our satisfaction and to demonstrate their personal commitment to our vision and happiness with our home.

To be able to provide this level of client support and professionalism, Caymus Builders has a process management software system, that tracked the progress from the beginning to the completion of our home. This allowed them to provide us with consistent status updates and progress reports that showed us where we were in the timeline and what was still open to be completed.

Building a new home is an extensive and detailed process. The client must have a team of builders that is truly committed to their vision and can create a relationship of trust through consistent, transparent communication. Caymus Builders did this for us, we are happy to recommend them to anyone who is considering building a new home.” Bryan Gieser, Sonoma CA Homeowner